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Masquerade-music wishes to support our hard working teachers and students young and old so on this page you will find a selection of FREE resources to help you on your musical journey. The page is frequently updated so check back to ensure you don't miss out on free items that are only available for a limited time. Better still, why not add your details to our mailing list (on the 'About us' page) where you can be kept up to date of new music, competitions and more....

Scales Workout (Scales Boot Camp). Dare you take on the challenge?


 Major Scales Bootcamp promo pic_edited-1   Minor Scales Bootcamp promo pic 


These scales workout exercises were created as a response to our student's (often) poor motivation to include regular scales practice in their regular regimes. We all know that practicing scales is a core requirement of good foundations in music, and know that we should be practicing them (yet we often don't).

These workouts (just print them off, and there's details on where to access the free play along tracks) last just under six minutes each, and take you through all twelve major or minor scales (keys) three times. There are three levels of difficulty; playing in minims, crotchets, or quavers, or feel free to mix it up by playing crotchets or quavers for the easier scales, and reverting back to minims for the harder scales. We encourage you to play through the entire exercise regardless of whether some of it sounds horrendous; you will improve, stick at it! The sharps (or flats in the case of flat keys) are indicated in red (unless you've printed it in black and white) as a helpful visual reminder too. For the Minor scale workout you are given the option to practice your Harmonic, and Melodic minors, but only one in each key per loop. As the playalong track loops three times, we therefore suggest doing; harmonic/melodic/harmonic, or melodic/harmonic/melodic depending on which you feel need the most improvement.

There is a helpful 'ping' at the start of each new scale/key so if you happen to have lost your way, you can get back in. Use your imagination with the exercise; play your scales extended (going to the top and bottom of your instrument, still within the key you are playing in), or freely improvise on the scale notes, using your own rhythms etc. Just remain aware of what time you have in that key however, but in any case, the handy 'ping' will get you back on track. The track was created by the excellent iReal Pro app; a great app that provides you with thousands of chord charts, songs, exercises, with adjustable backing tracks in a huge variety of styles, the ability to alter tempo and keys, loop sections etc. Highly recommended by us!

How about setting this up as a New Year's resolution? We reckon if you do this three to four times a week (even once a week is better than nothing though) you'll soon start to see a drastic improvement. The scales work outs are available for Bb Clarinet, Bb Saxophone, Eb Saxophone, Flute (in C) currently. Click on whichever you require, and don't forget to tell your musical buddies!

Bb Clarinet Major Scales workout   Bb Sax Major Scales workout   Eb Sax Major Scales workout   Flute (in C) Major Scales workout
Major Scales workout! Bb Clarinet   Major Scales workout! Bb Sax   Major Scales workout! Eb Sax    Major Scales workout! Flute final
Bb Clarinet Minor Scales workout    Bb Sax Minor Scales workout   Eb Sax Minor Scales workout    Flute (in C) Minor Scales workout
 Minor Scales workout! Bb Clarinet final   Minor Scales workout! Bb Saxophone final    Minor Scales workout! Eb sax final    Minor Scales workout! Flute final 



Free Fingering / note guide charts for saxophone, clarinet, and Flute

sax finger chart pic  flute finger chart pic  Clarinet finger chart pic

Are you fed up of flicking through tutor books trying to find the fingering diagram for a certain note? Here are FREE to print basic fingering charts for Saxophone, Flute, and Clarinet. The PDF file for each is 3 pages in total; they can be printed on standard A4 printer, but work particularly well when printed in booket format on an A3 printer. Click on the instrument names below to select your free fingering chart;






Grade 5 ABRSM Theory Terms Flash Cards

theory flash cards

Print off (on card)our free double sided flash cards that contain all the musical terms you should know for your Grade 5 ABRSM theory exam. Chop them up, and test yourself by showing the musical term and naming the meaning. On page 8 there's even spare spaces for you to write any extra terms you think you ought to know etc. Tip; make sure you insert the paper in the printer correctly when printing the second side, or you could end up in a pickle! Click the pages below to print off your flash cards.


Page 1 front          Page 1 back

Page 2 front          Page 2 back

Page 3 front          Page 3 back

Page 4 front          Page 4 back

Page 5 front          Page 5 back

Page 6 front          Page 6 back

Page 7 front          Page 7 back

Page 8 front          Page 8 back


Free to print 'The Chase' Duet

The Chase Sax Duet

A sheet music freebie from our 'More Graded Duets' books by Keri Degg (24 duets, 8 of each grade 6-8, available in Flute, Clarinet, and Saxophone Eb/Bb/Combi editions), a sequel to our popular 40 Graded Duets books (Grades 1-5). 

The Chase is a comical duet with the inspiration behind the piece being a Tom and Jerry (cat and mouse) type affair and the scuffles that result. Imagine the mouse as being the top part, and the cat the bottom part. Light and playful at the start (best buddies) then experience menacing moments, and even a pounce. The ending can either be a happy one (the mouse escapes back into his mouse hole) or a more definite ending (the cat catches the mouse), you decide! Click below to choose the version/s you'd like to print for free;



The Numpties Guide To Musical Intervals


Numpties intervals

This easy guide to working out musical intervals is great for music theory exams, and a useful addition to your teaching studio (print out as a poster at the size you require). We think our method is pretty fool proof (and easier than memorising how many semitones in each interval etc). Click on the image or here to bring up the free to print picture.


Shmooky And Mo, Free To Print

SATB Saxophone Quartet, Or Flexible Woodwind Quartet


shmooky and Mo jpeg

Taken from our 'Pick & Mix Quartets' collection (9 flexible woodwind quartets for any combination of C,Bb, Eb woodwind, grades 3-6), Shmooky& Mo is lolloping good fun for groups. In a funky swing style. Sounds GREAT as a SATB Saxophone quartet, or choose your own line up; it's flexible! See a Youtube performance of the piece here.

Click here to print your free score and parts.

The Witching Hour (Free To Print Duet)

Witching hour

Spooky fun for Halloween and just plain silliness really; Our Witching Hour, taken from the popular 40 Graded Duets (Grades 1-5) books. Click below to print off A4 sized Duets for;

                                   Clarinet               Saxophone/Flute.


Mystery Warm Ups For Ensembles

Mystery warm ups image

A great ice breaker for workshops and Ensemble play sessions; Split your woodwind ensemble into 4 groups and play the 4 short tunes. The tunes have been fragmented over 4 parts and when played accurately you should recognise the well known melodies. Works best on Clarinet /Sop/Alto/Tenor Saxes of any combination but we have also included Bari Sax and flute parts (although these are rather at the limit of their ranges and one or two notes have had to move octave) for added flexibility. Great for any standard and hilarious good fun! 

Click below to print your free PDF parts;



Variations On A Celtic Theme

(Free To Print Clarinet Duet)

Variations on a celtic jpeg

Taken from our 40 Graded Clarinet Duets (Grades 1-5), this is from the Grade 5 section. Featured recently in the CASS magazine. Feel free to print and share with your students and windy friends. Click on the picture or here to bring up the full A4 sized printable sheet music.






On The High Wire

Free To Print Clarinet Duet

On the high wire duet

A free printable full duet from our '40 graded Clarinet duets' (grades 1 - 5). Written to be accessible and adhering to grade requirements, these short duets provide excellent sight reading material, hidden technique workouts and tips, whilst enjoying fresh original repertoire (as to be honest, how many learners today still want to be playing London's bridge and Hot cross buns.... ;). Permission is given to print this particular duet as much as you need and share with friends / students etc. Click here to print your copy.

50 Things To Do With Scales (printable cards)

pulling hair out

Bored of trudging up and down your scales? Spice them up with our '50 things to do with scales' suggestions (and no, letting the dog digest them isn't an option.....). ;D Click below to access our free printable idea cards. 

Page 1

Page 2


Free Sheet Music And Backing Track For Celtic V


Celtic collage cover

A free sample from our new release 'Celtic collage'. Click on the instrument you require below to open and print your free sheet music for Celtic V (one of the seven pieces in the book). The accompanying backing track can be downloaded for free from or click this link. A full demonstartion track is also available to download free of charge at our Soundcloud page.


                   Flute             Clarinet            Eb sax          Bb sax

Ideas For Group Teaching, And First

Improvisation Activities


Music teaching tips and ideas

A guide to ideas to use when teaching in pairs or groups; great for use with children but also very adaptable for adults too. For many that struggle initially with reading notation, these acticities encourage aural and kinaesthetic skills as a way to learn; a welcome relief for many! Click here to print off the PDF document.


 Composition For The Terrified


 composition for the terrified pt1

Ever wanted to get started in composition (or your students?) but not known where to start? This easy to understand worksheet/project 1 enables you to get started in a very simple structured way. Click here for your free worksheet.


Scale Pot Cards for Major Exam Boards

(Saxophone, Clarinet, and Flute)


scale pot sax teachers pack

An effortless way to prepare for your scale / arpeggio requirements for ABRSM woodwind exams. Simply select your instrument and grade, print the cards out (we suggest onto card....obviously ;) chop them up et voila! Available as single grades (for those with scale phobia) or for the fearless why not choose the Teachers pack; all 8 grades in one handy pack to keep in your teaching studio lest a student happens to mislay theirs! Aim to 'empty the pot' over a series of days and keep aside ones that are repeadedly 'rusty' for additional practice maybe.

Click on the the grades below to bring up the printable cards;

Saxophone scale cards    Teachers pack (Grades 1-8)       Grade 1               
    Grade 2     Grade 3  
    Grade 4   Grade 5  
    Grade 6   Grade 7            
    Grade 8      
Clarinet scale cards   Teachers pack (Grades 1-8)   Grade 1  
    Grade 2   Grade 3  
    Grade 4   Grade 5  
    Grade 6   Grade 7  
    Grade 8      
Flute scale cards   Teachers pack   Grade 1  
    Grade 2   Grade 3  
    Grade 4   Grade 5  
    Grade 6   Grade 7  
    Grade 8      



 Digging Deeper Into Practice....Practical Tips!

An informative and invaluable practical guide to digging deeper into practice for those maybe stuck in a 'practice rut' . Tips to encourage you to think outside the box and valuable for instrumental teachers and students alike. Click here or on the image to the left to access the guide.


 Name That Tune! An Exercise In Intervals


exercise in intervals

How well do your students really know their intervals? This fun worksheet should test their ability. If done correctly they should recognise the three musical excerpts. Click here to open and print.


 Music Lesson Planner Sheet And Progress Record

 student profile doc image

Our STUDENT PROFILE homework sheets created for busy music teachers. Great for getting yourself and your students organised! Click here to print.



Manuscript (Music) Paper, Free To Print


Manuscript paper


A must for lessons and jotting down musical thoughts. Simply click here to print off what you need.


Speedshifter Tool By ABRSM For Slowing Down

Practice Tracks


Abrsm Speedshifter tool

Just what every student needs! Do you get frustrated at not being able to play along to some backing tracks because they are simply too fast? Download this FREE gadget, follow the simple instructions and then YOU decide the speed you require....magic! Click here to get Speedshifter.



ABRSM Saxophone Scales Grade By Grade Free To Print



SAXOPHONE SCALES (in notes, in one easy printable)

 Simply click on the grade and print.

Grade 1          Grade 4            Grade 7
Grade 2 Grade 5 Grade 8
Grade 3 Grade 6  

 ABRSM Clarinet Scales Grade By Grade Free To Print

 CLARINET SCALES (in notes, in one easy printable)


Simply click on the grade and print.

Grade 1          Grade 4          Grade 7
Grade 2 Grade 5 Grade 8
Grade 3 Grade 6  



 ABRSM Flute Scales Grade By Grade Free To Print

FLUTE SCALES (in notes, in one easy printable).

Simply click on the grade and print.

Grade 1          Grade 4          Grade 7
Grade 2 Grade 5 Grade 8
Grade 3 Grade 6  

Pattern Work Out, Improve Your Musical memory; 

Bored of scales but want to improve your technique, sight reading and memory skills? These five patterns (in G major, but can be played in any key signature you require really) encourage all these skills. The first few bars are provided for you but then you must continue the pattern until you arrive at the final bar (which is given) hopefully correctly! Teachers, why not shout out changing key signatures for more able students to keep them on their toes? Click below for choice of versions;

Saxophone / Flute / Clarinet version          Easy Clarinet version (lower octave)





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