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CASS magazine review of Czardas

(April 05, 2011)

This months CASS magazine (The Clarinet and Saxophone society of Great Britain) contains a favourable review of our Czardas for Bb Clarinet & Piano by composer Keri Degg. The review is replicated below, and remember that the sheet music now includes a complimentary CD (tuning note, demo track, and backing tracks in THREE speeds) and free UK P&P.


Czardas & cd 


Bb Clarinet & Piano. Masquerade-music.

"Keri Degg may be based in Derbyshire, but her Czardas has all the elements of a successful Hungarian dance. She is also a woodwind specialist and clearly knows how to write for the clarinet. The whole range of the instrument is used to good effect starting with the slow expressive opening which has plenty of opportunity for rubato.

The fireworks begin, and scale and arpeggio semiquavers in E minor keep the fingers exercised. Use of dynamics, grace notes, accellerando and ritenuto markings all add to the feisty character and the slower passages within the fast section give us those lovely calm breaks from all that excitement.

The influence of Monti can almost be heard and while this is not quite in the same league as Monti or Liszt it is a great workout for a clarinettist around grade 7 and above".

Stephanie Reeve.

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