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New resource added; scale cards.

(April 20, 2012)

We know how hard our music teachers work so here's a new resource from us to you;

Scale pot cards

These are newly available for Saxophone, Clarinet, and flute either as seperate grades 1 to 8 individually, or why not print off the Teachers pack whick contains scale cards for all 8 grades in one handy pack. Ideal for keeping in your teaching studio and printing off as and when required.

The idea is;

  • Students know exactly which scales and patterns they need to practice for each grade,
  • Avoid the trap of only practicing the 'easier' more favoured scales and patterns,
  • The random nature prepares students for the exam room,
  • Can easily make the 'scale pot' into a reward system or game when the required 'quota' are done well


Simply print off (we suggest onto card), place in a pot of your choosing, give them a shake and off you go! We did think of enabling you to print the key signatures on the reverse but decided against it in the end as you will be required to know these of course by memory and we didn't think we'd be doing you any favours! We suggest temporarily writing the key signatures on the reverse of the cards (in pencil!) if you're really stuck!

Have fun!

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